Command™ Clear Small Hooks (Holds upto 450g)

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Are you on the constant lookout for good party decor or organized home or office space? Obsessed with home decor? Make sure your party decorations stay as stylish as you with our damage-proof ceiling hooks and solutions.
Command Small Clear Hooks are perfect for to hang decorations and other small party decor items indoors or outdoors. Easy to apply and remove!


Revolutionary Adhesive - Holds Heavy & Strongly
Your Command Hooks are supported by unique and strong 3M Command Adhesives which ensures that all the hooks hold tight to the surface and yet there is no damage caused to the wall. Command hooks holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more! It holds heavy loads in place with easy and ensures that it matches with your interior style and decor.

Damage Free Hanging & Aesthetic Retention
Command hooks do not break and it can be removed using a simple pull the strip based technique which ensures that there are no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains on the walls once it is detached from the wall. Your wall will be as good as new! You would never guess that there was a hook there once it’s removed. Command hooks are clean, easy and it ensures aesthetic retention of your walls.

Why Command Hooks Are Better
Ordinary hooks usually are just a fancy version of double sided tape, but they fall flat when it comes to serving the purpose and quality. With Command, get the best of both worlds – its pocket friendly and made of top quality material and adhesive. Command multi-purpose strips also come with a pack of additional refill strips – complete value for money!